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This website has been created to provide information and resources to parents whose children are dyslexic or struggle with reading.

If you have dyslexia or another specific learning difficulty, such as dyspraxia, dyscalculia or visual difficulties, you may learn best in a different way from other people. You may also find that you have to spend considerably more time on all aspects of your work. It can be very useful, therefore, to identify and develop your personal learning style, so that you can learn more efficiently and speedily.

Those with specific learning difficulties will have many strengths as well as difficulties. At Dyslexia Thailand, we recognize that these strengths form part of your learning profile. The Dyslexia Programme we provide can help to identify your learning style and show you how to make use of your learning strengths, so that we can create change, set standards and support. Our aim is to help create an understanding of learning Differences rather than learning Difficulties and to fulfill the potential of dyslexic learners.